The Purest, Softest Swim

We use reverse osmosis to refresh your water to be cleaner and softer than tap, with up to 85% less waste and no down time.

About Us

At California Pool Co., we know what backyard swimming is supposed to be: the warmth of the sun, the clean shock of the first dive. Unfortunately (as every long-time pool owner knows) pools don’t stay swimmable without a lot of attention.

Working Together To Save

Actual Gallons Saved

Given the depletion of our rivers and reservoirs in Southern California, many swimming pool owners want to avoid the old drain-and-replace method. Keep your water, cut the chemicals, and enjoy superior water without refilling!

Transparent Pricing

Calculate the cost of purifying your pool water with reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Pool Filtration Service Calculator
10,000 gallons