Pure & Simple

We make it easy on you to refresh your pool water: With a totally safe, self-contained process, you’ll hardly know we’re there.

Taking the Plunge

When you choose California Pool Co. to purify your pool with our Reverse Osmosis process, you can expect a convenient and unobtrusive process from start to finish.

Here is What You Can Expect:

1. Free Consultation: Our team will begin the process by measuring and recording your water chemistry and pool gallon size. We will also determine parking logistics for our mobile unit and identify the nearest sewer drain for the waste flow.

2. Service: Our mobile unit can purify up to 40,000 gallons a day, so the process typically takes 8-12 hours for smaller residential swimming pools. During the process, we will park our unit on the street or in the driveway and run two lines into your pool, one for intake and one for replacing filtered water. Please note that there will be some noise during the process as our equipment is powered by an on-board generator. However, our process is entirely self-contained, so we will not inconvenience you for electricity.

3. Post-Service: After the purification process is complete, we will perform post-water testing to ensure purity, balance the water back to neutral, and perform a water start-up (depending on the plan worked out with the customer/current service provider). We will also generate a full "before and after" water chemistry and gallons saved report.

4. Fresh Water Supply: The only thing you need to provide is a fresh water supply to replenish the small amount (about 15-20%) that is lost during purification.

5. Waste Water: The processed, non-chlorinated waste water is run into the nearest sewer drain. If you are on septic, we will develop a plan for the waste water during the consultation.

The Clear Difference

Afterward, you can expect a pristine swimming experience—no more nasty build-up or brittle-feeling hair when you dry off. You will also use a fraction of the chemicals to maintain your pool. Our only caution is that you will never want to go back to stale, hard, smelly water in your pool again!